September 10, 2010

30 day challenge - part v

Time to finish off this 30 day challenge...this is part five. I know, its supposed to be done over 30 days, but sometimes I like to break the rules, so, in five rather quick installments, you have it all!  If you're wanting to catch up on parts one, two, three, or four, please feel free. Otherwise...let's finish this up! 
Day 21 - a recipe
I swear by the Kraft Canada website..I get lots of yummy recipes from there! 

Day 22 - a website
Hmm...there are lots that I like. I'm a fan of Canadian Family...People...Etsy...and lately I read a lot of blogs too! 

Day 23 - a youtube video
This is a favourite in our house right now as Lady M loves the monkey (aka 'ee-ee'!) Jack Johnson - Upside Down

day 24 - where I have lived
I've lived in five different cities in Ontario, Canada...two as a kid, one as a university student, and two with my hubby. I've also lived in Karlstad, Sweden where I studied abroad while completing my first degree. (As a note, I'd live in Scandinavia again in a heartbeat. Sweden was gorgeous, but I think I'd choose Norway next time...)

day 25 - your day, in detail
Today? I awoke around 6:30am, showered and then got the munchkin up around 7am. We all got ready and left for work together (the hubby was driving us, as he had to do some work out that way today - kind of a nice treat to be chauferred!) We dropped the munchkin at daycare, the hubby dropped me at work where I put in a day. Hubby picked me up at 4:30, we went to get Lady M and then decided to have dinner out as a family. Came the munchkin ready for bed, took out the garbage, cleaned dishes, and now here I am! 

day 26 - your week, in detail
This past week? Hmm...
  • Saturday...1st birthday party for my friends daughter, sister-in-law's birthday dinner in the evening
  • Sunday...beautiful wedding for some lovely friends
  • Monday...relax, relax, was Labour Day!
  • Tuesday...back to the all day, chill out at night
  •, home w/the fam
  •, home for dinner, then running with the girls (and the munchkin!)
  •, out for dinner, home for family playtime

day 27 - pets
My beautiful puppy Dakota....we got her the year we got engaged...although very high energy at times, she's a sweetheart. 

day 28 - what's in my purse? 
What isn't in my purse? Wallet, keys, phone, soothers, pens, notebooks, shopping bags, umbrella, pencil case, mail, toddler sunglasses, lip gloss...

day 29 - hopes, dreams and plans for the next year
Oh, I have lots!! You're going to have to follow my blog to find out...

day 30 - dream for the future


Faiza said...

flashback to when you brought dakota home and listening to the daily stories as she very quickly became a member of your family.

Colie's Kitchen said...

You have a great blog!! I am really enjoying looking around. Thanks for sharing!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ BTW I found you on a blog hop!