August 30, 2010

30 day challenge - part iii

Here goes the third installment of the "30 day challenge" I'm doing on my own schedule! Part one and part two can be found here in case you're itching to get caught up! Otherwise, on to a little photo montage that will hopefully make you smile...

Day 7 – a photo that makes you happy
The first was taken at my daughters 1-year photo shoot. Its just so her - being silly, tumbling, and at the time, learning how to be steady on her legs. More importantly, she was full of laughter and glee every time her hands or bottom hit the ground. 

The second was taken at Easter this year - the beautiful dress was given to us by our cousins in Florida, and she just looked like such a little lady as soon as we put it on her. And in typical Lady M fashion, it didn't slow her down from doing anything; she happily played in the garden, examining every rock she could find. Impressively, after playtime, the dress didn't have a speck of dirt on it!

Day 8 – a photo that makes you sad
Well, this one makes me happy and sad. This was taken of our extended family of dogs several years ago, and taking the picture was a hilarious venture in and of itself. It probably took us about 200 shots before we got this one. Even with a brilliant dog trainer in the family, getting six dogs to sit and look pretty in front of a roaring fireplace at the same moment is no easy task! The sad part of this is the sweet little man on the far right was my faithful companion for 14 years, and we had to say goodbye to him last August. So, like I said, happy and sad! 

Day 9 – a photo of somewhere you've been
Our beautiful honeymoon resort in Costa was stunning. This was the view from our 'club lounge'. If I could wake up to this every morning, I would be a happy girl!!! 

Day 10 – a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
Well, this is from well over 10 years but it makes me laugh every time I see it. This is my brother and I (clearly in the 80's) but on any given day, if you get the two of us together, we'll likely be seen making the same faces. Some things never change. 

August 29, 2010

goodbye summer

I know, I know - its not even September yet, however, tonight marks the last night of my summer vacation for this year. Thanks to my accrual of vacation while I was on maternity leave last year, I had a few extra weeks I could take advantage of this year. As a result, over the course of the summer, I've taken almost 6 weeks off. It has been wonderful!

Simply having the time to spend with Lady M is perfect. My little girl is changing and growing so much each day so I will gladly soak up every extra minute with her I can find. Since the beginning of July we have visited the whales at Marineland, and ridden on a tractor at Springridge Farm. We have soaked up rays at the beach, spent a week in northern Ontario, watched airplanes and ridden in boats, on a train and a merry-go-round. Its been a tremendous summer.

This summer has been so different from last. Last year, my little lady was only 8-9 months old; crawling, on the verge of walking, and less aware of her surroundings. We had lots of adventures then, but this summer has been an entirely different ride. Watching her face light up with each new experience and hearing the sentences she strings together to describe her adventures has enhanced every experience for me. This summer we have spent time singing songs, reading books, chatting and laughing - what more could a mum ask for?

So in the morning I'll return to my office, with no vacation in sight until Christmas, but every family memory we've made this summer will make slipping back into my professional life just a little easier.

August 26, 2010

30 day challenge, part ii

Let's continue on my little 30-day challenge that I'm completing in less than 30 days. In case you missed my first post, you can check it out here. And you bloggers out there, feel free to give it a go as well; I'd love to hear what you have to say. Alright, onward... 

Day 6 – 20 of my favorite things

1. my daughter, Lady M. 

2. my husband, the Vino. 

3. my family...immediate and extended; I have a wonderful family!

4. my friends who come from every facet of my life...they make me smile every day. 

5. muffies...two very special girls in my life...and the best roommates a girl could ask for. 

6. being active and trying new things. Currently I'm running and doing pilates; and I'm looking forward to trying zumba for the first time in a few weeks. 

7. a VERY tidy workspace

8. shopping at Target

9. making a list of everything my dream house will have - and the list is long!

10. writing and blogging....I've always loved writing, but blogging has jumped right up there since I hopped on this bandwagon a couple months ago! 

11. the colours pink and teal...if the whole world was pink and teal, I think it would be a much happier place!! 

12. large steeped tea from Tim Hortons with 2 milk and 1 sugar (feel free to bring me one any time). 

13. school supplies - a new post to come on this topic soon!

14. travelling...I want to go anywhere and everywhere. So far I've visited 11 countries outside of Canada, and I can't wait to see more. Travelling to Africa is number one on my list right now although it won't happen any time soon, but that's ok!

15. my dad's homemade boneless chicken wings...they're the best. Actually, so are his scrambled eggs. He makes a mean steak too...perhaps I'll just say 'dad's cooking' for this one. 

16. quiet nights at home with my family

17. listening to Lady M learn new words, building her super adorable, and ever-growing vocabulary

18. chick lit. I love a good, fluffy chick lit novel; special nods to Sarah Webb, Marian Keyes, Jane Green & Sophie Kinsella! 

19. lottery cards; namely "Cash for Life"...its my goal to win cash for life ($1,000/week for life). I'll still have to work, but love the possibility of travel, home decor, clothing and other exciting things that little bit of extra cash could offer!! Please keep your fingers crossed that I will win it soon! 

20. dancing in the kitchen with my daughter. 

August 25, 2010

my little gymnast

My heart is beating a mile a minute. My daughter has become a daredevil. She's not even two.

  • Jumping from her plush chair to the dog bed. 
  • Jumping from her play chair to the couch, and back again. 
  • Summersaulting. 
  • Rolling. 
  • Tucking. 

Put all of these together, and you get a mum on edge!

So here's the tough part: do I let her tumble to her hearts content, all the while my own heart beating out of my chest? Or do I stand over her, cushioning and cradling her every fall? I guess the answer is easy - I go somewhere in the middle of those two extremes - but I can't help but want to pad my house with colourful, cushy mats in every free space.

I'm no stranger to roughhousing. I grew up as a girl who played plenty of sports and and spent lots of time play fighting with my older brother. I watched my mother wince as we did so, but she normally let us carry on, so long as we weren't really harming each other in any way. But now, as I watch my little acrobat fly through the air with the greatest of ease, I'm the one wincing. She doesn't have complete control of her little body yet - which perhaps is a good thing - she still knows how to go limp before a fall; however, this doesn't control my reactions.

I can't help but wonder if I would be more comfortable with the tumbling act if she was a boy - aren't they naturally more rough and tumble? Perhaps I'm over protective of my dainty little girl.

Oh, perhaps I'm just a normal mum.

August 24, 2010

30 day challenge

I came across a 30-day blogging challenge where you answer a new question every day for 30 days. But, I've decided that's far too long for me, so I'll work my way through it piece by piece, and post when I want to! For those of you who don't know me so well, here's a chance for you to learn a little more! For those of you who have known me a long time, I'm sure you'll agree with my answers!! 

Day 1 – your favorite song
There are a lot...sentimentally, my favourite is Sleeping to Dream by Jason Mraz. It was our first dance at our wedding, so I can't help but love that one! On the fun side, Rock the Boat  by Hues Corporation always makes me smile. 

Day 2 – your favorite movie
I think I'd have to go with The Sound of Music for this one. Its a classic, what can I say. Oh wait, Anne of Green Gables might be a tie...or a very close second! 

Day 3 – your favorite television program
Beverly Hills, 90210, the original of course. I'm always a very happy girl when its being replayed on a daily basis. (I'm currently taping it at 4am every day on my PVR!) My favourite current show? The Amazing Race, for sure. (And I want Phil Keoghan's job...I think I'd be a terrific host!) 

Day 4 – your favorite book
See my favourite reads post for this one! 

Day 5 – your favorite quote
"Good friends are like stars...
You don't always see them, 
But you know they're always there." 

There you have it...five days in one! 

August 23, 2010

my sous chef, betty crocker and i

This morning I woke up feeling great - I'm on vacation! I've been fortunate to have a lot of vacation this summer, but today marks the first day of my last week off...September is going to hit hard! But, I will certainly enjoy it while I can.

A good friend of mine was coming over for tea this morning, so little lady M and I decided to make some scones. I turned to my favourite Betty Crocker cookbook, found a recipe for chocolate chip scones I hadn't tried before, and we were off! They turned out to be really delicious, so I thought I would share the recipe we used....


1 3/4 cups flour (I used a combo of white and whole wheat)
3 tablespoons sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salf
1/3 cup firm butter or margarine
1 large egg, beaten
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
6 tablespoons whipping cream
1/2 cup chocolate chips
Additional whipping cream
White coarse sugar/decorating sugar

  • Heat oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit.
  • In large bowl, mix flour, 3 tablespoons sugar, baking powder & salt. Cut in butter, (using pastry blender, or two knives) until mixture looks like fine crumbs. Stir in egg, vanilla, whipping cream and chocolate chips. Mix until dough leaves side of bowl. 

  • Place dough on lightly floured surface; gently roll in flour to coat. Knead lightly 10 times. On ungreased cookie sheet, roll or pat dough into an 8-inch circle. Cut into 8 wedges with a sharp knife that has been dipped in flour, but do not separate wedges. Brush with additional whipping cream and sprinkle with sugar crystals. 

  • Bake 14 - 16 minutes or until lightly golden brown. Immediately move from cookie sheet, separate wedges and serve warm. 

They took only about 15 minutes to make, and were delicious. Good ol' Betty - she never disappoints. More importantly, lady M and I had a great time baking together.