September 7, 2010

back to school

When you work in a post-secondary institution, the first day back to school brings a great deal of entertainment and observation. Although I didn't have to get my little one ready for school quite yet (thankfully we still have two more years before that) I felt the bustle of a new school year as we were getting ready this morning, and even more so on my drive in to the office.

Here are my back to school observations:

The first day of school brought additional traffic on my ride in, and as always, I wondered - how do all of these people get the summer off?!

I discovered the obnoxious crossing guard at the corner by Lady M's daycare has returned to taunt me with his terrible road-crossing skills, walking as slowly as possible, oblivious to the fact he works at a very busy corner and should get the hell out of the way once the kids have safely crossed the road. And may I add, he is crossing high school students, so walk a little faster buddy, they're safe.

I arrived to a very full parking lot at the office, which has been blissfully empty all summer. However, with the return of the faculty, it was bound to happen!

Ahhh, the students. Each year they help make me feel a little older because, my goodness, they look so young! I am pleased to report, however, that during orientation last week I was not asked if I needed help finding a room as I have been every other year. I suppose its a little flattering though...

The students clothing is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the first day back. As students try to make a smashing first impression, they pull out their best duds and my goodness, do we see some fascinating outfits. Give them a week and they'll start to slip into comfies, but we'll enjoy the fashion show in the hallways for the next few days!

Its certainly an exciting time of year, and despite the added traffic and despicable crossing guard, I do enjoy the buzz that comes when the school fills up again for another school year.

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