May 22, 2014


Has it really been nine months since I last posted here? Oh my; so many things to catch up on. I could have had another child in that time! (No, no - I didn't, don't worry. You're not that far behind!)

Well, let's get caught back up here. We'll start with something recent...our little Lady A has just celebrated her third birthday, which seems crazy to me. It feels like it was only moments ago that she came flying into this world (literally, flying - the doctor barely made it in time to catch her 9 pound, 2 ounce self!) and was placed into my arms, completing our family of four, forever outnumbering my sweet husband.

Cake #1 - May 2nd
Cake #2 - May 3rd

At 3, Lady A is one sassy little lady with an enormous personality. Sure, she has the typical three year old moments - larger, more dramatic moments than her big sister ever had - but she is so full of love and sweetness. She likes to tell me when she thinks I look pretty, has the most expressive little face, gives the best hugs, and keeps the rest of us in stitches every day. She looks just like Cal, and behaves a little like him, a little like me, and a little like her sister. And a lot like herself.

How can I sum up Lady A's personality at the moment? Well, the other day she was offering us the sassy side of her personality, and Cal finally had to say "Lady A, the bottom line is, you have to listen to Daddy". She promptly responded to him with "what's the top line?"

And what do any good parents do in that moment? We roar with laughter, naturally!

To cut through the laughter, she continued with her line of questioning: "you said that's the bottom line, Daddy, what's the top?", and her big sister piped in to add "and is there a middle line?". Ok smartypants'. At every line, you just need to listen to your parents! 

Her 3rd birthday was marked with a number of celebrations. We ate cake and cupcakes for three days straight, and she was given lots of lovely presents. She lives to look after her 'babies' these days, so we got her a doll playset, and I crocheted her a little doll as well. It's been cast aside in favour of her more lifelike dolls, but making it for her was fun!

This year, I had her help me create the guest list for her birthday party, and before I knew it, we had 20 children coming! Thankfully, we were not cramming all of these munchkins and their parents into our home - we had rented a local dance studio for the occasion, and all turned out very well! Two of my wonderful friends helped me paint the kids' faces, we played 'pin the tail on brown bear', had a beanbag toss and had assorted play stations set up. Of course when DJ Daddy turned the music to the Frozen soundtrack, we also had an impromptu performance from many of the little girls in the room. And let me tell you, these girls can really belt out an enthusiastic version of "Let It Go"!
Cupcakes on May 4th!

All in all, each celebration was great, and it was nice to see Lady A really enjoy her birthday, seeming to understand what all the fuss was about this year.

Our littlest girl continues to surprise us every day with her wit, intelligence and the simple fact that she's no longer a baby any more. At 3, she's officially a little girl.