September 20, 2010


Well, its been several weeks since returning from camp. The week that was SO much fun, but completely ruined the sleeping habits of our sweet little girl. After a week of cuddling with mommy & daddy, returning home found her requiring the same attention - cuddles every night until she fell asleep. Well, tonight, after weeks of trying, she finally went to bed on her own again. Phewf!

We've never had a challenge with getting Lady M to bed in the past; she's always been very good about singing a song, reading a book, getting a kiss and saying 'night-night'. Then, right before we left for camp, we had just settled her into her new room, and she'd gotten the hang out of sleeping in there, becoming familiar and comfortable with her new surroundings. Then one week went and changed it all. Screwed up all of our hard work!

Its funny how with kids it just takes one small thing to really alter their habits (which of course are always changing anyways, and just when you think you've figured one out, something changes it...but I digress). This was probably one of the toughest though because it forced Cal or I into an 8:30pm slumber on many occasions each week (its tough not to pass out when you lay your head on the pillow!) Not that I'm completely opposed to that, mind you, I like my sleep (A LOT) but its just not always necessary!

So, tonight its just Lady M and I, and she went to sleep with only my beautiful rendition of Baby Beluga, a kiss goodnight and a couple of tears. Success.

Happily, I am now downstairs in the family room and thought to myself "great! I can get my reading for school done since I have class tomorrow!" Well, best laid plans. The hubby is out with my car, and my books are in the trunk.  So, if I can't read, I suppose I'll write!

Hope everyone else is having a great night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds so familiar... I hate waking up at 10p.m. after a luxurious 2 hour nap in Miss S's bed :) Enjoy your night!

Faiza said...

you crack me up and next time i see you i wanna hear some baby beluga from you.

Krin said...

haha - glad I'm not the only one Ali!

Faiza, I'll absolutely sing a little Beluga for you my friend. :)

Lise said...

new follower hope you follow back :)

I have a blog hop too :)