August 5, 2010

pink room, part 2 - ode to target

Ahhh, Target. What a glorious store. A little trip over the border is always worthwhile just to see what Target has to offer, but has become even better since setting up the little pink room. I'm a big fan of organization, so am instantly drawn to their wide array of organizational tools - buckets, baskets, shelving - I could lose myself in the organization aisles for hours! And even better for my current project, they have so many fabulous pink options.

So, on Monday morning my mum, the munchkin and I headed to the store of my dreams. We found a lamp, throw rug, shelving unit, storage cubes and more. 2 1/2 hours and two carts later we were out of there! The most amazing part was probably that the little lady lasted that long in the store - clearly she has received our love for shopping.

The room is coming is now all in place, and the next step will be finishing the crafty projects, and receiving some fun decorative items I ordered on etsy. (If you haven't checked out that site, please do! Its like a wonderful craft show availalable all day, every day, with every single crafty item you could ever want...amazing).

Here's what's been recently added:

The lamp was a steal, the storage is fabulous, and the throw rug adds a nice little 'play area' to the room; the munchkin is in love, and I think I am too.


lish said...

Great post Krinny! Reminds me of the Ikea trips we used to take back in the Bouckaert Hall days! I am loving your blog!

Krin said...

Oh, those were the best trips!!! Imagine the damage we would have done if we'd ventured over the border to Target?
Glad you're enjoying the blog!

Faiza said...

the storage area is wonderful! can't wait to see your etsy finds!

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

What a fun girly room! I love the hippos! The lamp is fab as well!

Brianna! said...

I love a good buy!


Laura said...

Pink is my favorite color. (That's why there is so much pink on my blog.) Love the pink lamp & I am also drawn to organization/storage items, plus I love stationary-type items. I can look for hours.

Visiting from Bloggy Moms

Sofia said...

I love pink and purple! But I have 2 there's no pink/purple around me (except my iphone, and that's it)...oh well.
Following you from Bloggy Moms.


(Loving your blog theme!)

Cheryl said...

Wish we had a Target nearby! Following you from over at BloggyMoms...looking forward to visiting your blog : )

Anonymous said...

We are so inspired to redocorate now - and to go shopping at Targ├ęt!!!


Liz said...

We'd love to have you join our mom network. Can I send you an invitation?

Krin said...

Thanks for all the comments!! I'm definitely in love with all the fun pink accessories!!