August 18, 2010

camp? success!

Turns out my worrying was all for family had an incredible week up at camp, and I was so thankful to have them both there with me. My husband quickly adapted to camp life, and he was in his element, especially as he indulged in afternoon naps each day with the munchkin. The little lady, lavished with attention by everyone who came in contact with her, was in love with the place from the moment we arrived, and kept calling it "my camp"! I couldn't have asked for more.

It was pouring rain as we made the three-hour trek up north, and my little sweetie was so good in the car, either sleeping, chatting, singing or watching the rain fall the entire way. When we arrived, we were pleased to discover we had our own family cabin, and way more amenities than I'm really accustomed to having at camp, including a full-size fridge, microwave and TV with two very fuzzy channels. But hey, I'm not complaining!

The opening ceremonies are filled with all sorts of music, and choreographed dancing that is much further advanced than it was in my days working as a counselor. The munchkin was right into the fun, grooving to the music, but still sticking close to mum and dad!

Over the week, we had a chance to spend lots of time in the lake, play in the sand and just enjoy being outside. I think the nicest part of all was offering the munchkin a little more freedom - unlike being in a public park, we could let her venture a little further on her own, and know that she was safe with all the campers, coaches and staff around, and us not that far behind.

By Thursday my husband was even making plans to return next year, so I knew he was having a great time too. I think for him it was a great chance to just spend time with the munchkin without internet, phone or work there to get in the way! I think the same goes for all of us - there are very few places left where we can be free of phones and computers, so this is a welcome change!

We have all returned to the 'burbs with deep brown tans, happy memories and the knowledge that we're going back next year for another week of fun, sun and email-free family time!

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Faiza said...

so glad to hear it was a success! pictures?