August 29, 2010

goodbye summer

I know, I know - its not even September yet, however, tonight marks the last night of my summer vacation for this year. Thanks to my accrual of vacation while I was on maternity leave last year, I had a few extra weeks I could take advantage of this year. As a result, over the course of the summer, I've taken almost 6 weeks off. It has been wonderful!

Simply having the time to spend with Lady M is perfect. My little girl is changing and growing so much each day so I will gladly soak up every extra minute with her I can find. Since the beginning of July we have visited the whales at Marineland, and ridden on a tractor at Springridge Farm. We have soaked up rays at the beach, spent a week in northern Ontario, watched airplanes and ridden in boats, on a train and a merry-go-round. Its been a tremendous summer.

This summer has been so different from last. Last year, my little lady was only 8-9 months old; crawling, on the verge of walking, and less aware of her surroundings. We had lots of adventures then, but this summer has been an entirely different ride. Watching her face light up with each new experience and hearing the sentences she strings together to describe her adventures has enhanced every experience for me. This summer we have spent time singing songs, reading books, chatting and laughing - what more could a mum ask for?

So in the morning I'll return to my office, with no vacation in sight until Christmas, but every family memory we've made this summer will make slipping back into my professional life just a little easier.


Faiza said...

Happy first day back! And to think you have a long weekend coming up!

Krin said...

Thanks Faiza! Thank goodness for Labour Day weekend ... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

So many great memories!! They do grow up so fast... Christmas will be here before we know it and extra time off will be wonderful! Good luck on your first day back to work!

Neil Uttamsingh said...


This summer I spent some time with my little cousins who are close to Lady M's age. :)

It is amazing how each new experience they had was filled with joy. From flying together on airplanes to taking the Ferry to Toronto Island, it was so cool to witness how much happiness they experienced.

Neil. :)

ps: hope you had a nice first day back!

Krin said...

Thanks so much Steph! First day back was good...and you're right - Christmas will be here in no time!!

Neil - they are awesome at this stage! We took M to the Toronto Island airport to watch the boats/planes/helicopters and ride the ferry, and she completely loved it. Such a blast!!