August 16, 2011

30 things...

In exactly one month I'll be thirty years old, much to the joy of all my friends well into their thirties who I have been teasing mercilessly for being so much older than me for years now (you know who you are!). Hitting this milestone birthday really doesn't bother me very much; in fact, having watched Sex & the City all through my 20's I'm supposed to know that the 30's are the best years, right? Well, works for me!! And I plan to feel the same way about my 40's, 50's, and every other decade I hit.
So I decided that as a little gift to myself, I would write down a list of 30 things that I'd like to achieve. As I work through the list, I'll have to decide whether its 30 things I want to do this year...or before I'm 40, or whether its more of a bucket list for the longer term, but we'll see!

I think everyone knows that a goal is more likely to be achieved if you write it down (Harvard Study anyone?), and I know its even better if you tell other people that you want to do here we go. I will share with each one of you the thirty things I want to do, and you can hold me to it!

And onto the list...
  1. Become a creative entrepreneur as an exciting side project (details to follow...)
  2. Buy a boat or seadoo (or both!)
  3. Complete the CN Tower stair climb
  4. Complete my Master of Education degree
  5. Complete Zumba Fitness instructor training
  6. Donate blood (hopefully on a regular occasion, but let's go for once to start)
  7. Explore more of Canada
  8. Find and buy our dream home
  9. Gain more teaching experience
  10. Go on a European bike tour
  11. Go parasailing
  12. Go white water rafting
  13. Grow my own vegetables and herbs (This is a real challenge for me; see my Green Thumb post.)
  14. Have an impeccably organized home
  15. Involve Lady M & Lady A in a fabulous and worthy volunteer opportunity
  16. Learn Adobe Illustrator
  17. Live abroad again
  18. Plan a Muffy reunion somewhere tropical and fabulous
  19. Reach my post-pregnancy goal weight
  20. Read a minimum of four books for pleasure this year (yes, that's a lofty goal with two munchkins in the house and lots of school reading at any given time!!)
  21. Share more stories on my blog so my girls will have a great memoir of their childhood
  22. Start teaching a regular Zumba class
  23. Take an art course (drawing, painting, sculpting...or something like that)
  24. Take my family to Sweden, England and other areas of Europe
  25. Take piano lessons again
  26. Travel to Africa
  27. Visit each country where my dad has lived, as well as India where his whole family was born
  28. Visit every continent
  29. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity on a build
  30. Write a children's story
So, there's the list. As it turns out, some are definitely longer term goals, some short term. I've noted the ones that I plan to complete by the end of this year in pink; nine in total. I'll be sure to keep you up to date as I finish each one, and feel free to help keep me accountable for anything on the list! 


Faiza said...

love this! i have to say the zumba ones excite me! your ability to teach the simplest to the most complicated of things is terrific!

Kirsten said...

I totally thought you wrote: "Explode more of Canada"! Also, I can't wait to hear about your entrepreneurial side project!

Krin said...

Faiza: I'm very excited about the zumba one too!! Thanks for your encouragement! :)

Kirsten: definitely won't explode any of Canada! Ha ha!! And will definitely keep you posted on my planned 'side project...'

Hugs to both of you! xo