July 29, 2010

what's the opposite of a green thumb?

Tonight I was out for a run, and before I left my hubby asked me if we could pick up the weeds (that I had previously pulled and placed in a pile) in our backyard. Trying to get going, I said we could get it done when I got home. So, off I went for a nice run, and when I returned home, sadly, he hadn't forgotten the plan! With the little one sleeping upstairs we promptly went to the backyard to pull the weeds.

Yes, its nearly the end of July - I likely should have done this a few months ago, but we don't spend much time in our tiny backyard, so it hasn't been high on the priority list. My garden in the front yard is planted, so at least it looks beautiful out there!

Walking around the houses in my community, I must admit, I get severe garden envy. Some people have these stunning gardens - bright colours flourishing, and all neatly kept. That's the sort of garden I want. Unfortunately, when I get outside to tend to mine I just want to plant the flowers and have them take care of themselves from that point forward. (Does that mean I need perennials?)

Cal joined me in the backyard for about 4 minutes of weeding, when the munchkin started crying up in her room, and he went up to check on her. As I continued my work, I suddenly realized that perhaps this was all orchestrated, and Cal somehow convinced the munchkin to cry as soon as she heard us in the backyard. It all seems very clever to me; unlikely, but clever.

In any case, I got the backyard tidied up, and can sleep well tonight knowing its a little bit better than it was when I woke up this morning! (And Cal would probably like me to note that although he didn't return to the yard work, he moved on to do some work out in the garage).

So, my love for gardening just may not exist. I would be glad to design the garden, and purchase the flowers, but the upkeep and I just don't get along. If red is the opposite colour of green...I think I just might be a red thumb. So if anyone knows a good gardener...I'm in the market!


Anonymous said...

Hey Krin,

I love the name of your blog!!! This is very exciting and I look forward to reading it!!!

Would you like me to send my dad over to tend to your garden? I'm sure he won't mind...

RR - xo

Krin said...

Haha - I'm sure your dad would come over to help in a heartbeat! Maybe someday when I have a bigger yard I'll have to enlist his help!

Glad you're enjoying the blog so far!

Faiza said...

This is why condo life rules! Someone else does the gardening for you! :)