November 8, 2010

my vegetarian toddler?

Today I picked my munchkin up from daycare because she had spiked a low fever. Thankfully after a good nap and some snuggles she seemed to be somewhat back to normal. I guess after all the excitement of her second birthday yesterday she was just a little more worn out than usual.

She woke up from her nap, had a snack, and decided that she wanted to go visit her daddy at the office which is only a few minutes from our house. After a quick visit there, we all headed off to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week.

After the fruits and veggies section, we were off to the meat counter. Lady M always enjoys checking out the meat and cheese counters and looking at the world of exciting food contained behind the glass. Today, I lifted her up so she could see up over the counter at the guy who was slicing another woman's meat order with lovely precision. When it was my turn, he asked what we'd like - "shaved, black forest ham", I replied, and the rest of the conversation went a little something like this:

Lady M asked: "Ham, Mummy?".
I said: "Yes, would you like some ham?" (She LOOOOOVES ham).
Lady M: No, I don't like ham.
Me: Oh, since when don't you like ham?
Lady M: I don't eat meat.

Alright, so she turned 2 yesterday, and today she is opinionated enough to float the idea of vegetarianism in front of me? Well, I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow when I give her some meat.

Something tells me the convictions won't stick just yet - but the decisive, determined little girl? She's here to stay. And as my husband and parents like to remind me: she's just like me!! I guess I should know how to handle the determined little attitude then, right? I guess we'll see!


Katie said...

Cute post, Krin. Determined little attitude already?!?! I love it.

Ashley said...

That's my girl!!

Faiza said...

Happy birthday joyful Maddy!