November 17, 2010

fantastic snacks

One of my favourite websites to peek at from time to time is Canadian Family. They link to great stories and ideas, and I usually find myself drawn into something on the site. So when I looked at it this morning, I fell in love with a new site: Little Nummies.Well, its new to me...looks like its been around for quite a while judging by the huge variety of ideas on the site.

I'm a big fan of putting together fun little snack plates for Lady M - food is just more exciting when its arranged in a fun way. I have mastered the cheese and berry sunshine plate, but am always looking to try something different. And who am I kidding, its a little creative outlet for me, so it makes me happy!

In any case, when I popped onto Canadian Family today, this is the picture I saw:

Is that adorable, or what? So then, upon further exploration, I discovered there is this whole fabulous site of creative and clever ideas that, even if you never put one together, are still just fun to look at.

Here are a couple more that are just too cute for words:

I feel totally inspired to make some cute snacks for Lady M. And what better way to get her to eat a great variety of foods at snack time, all while having fun! 


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