October 30, 2010


My little sweetie is at such a fun stage right now; she is constantly chatting, telling us what she sees, what she's doing, and asking "what you doing?" or "where we going" incessantly. It's all very entertaining! But I think my favourite thing right now is her new-found love for singing. She sings 'twinkle twinkle little star' (or tinkle, tinkle little star, as she says), and can impressively sing the whole song! I read something a few weeks ago that said she should be able to string 3-word sentences together at her age; I think she's doing alright.

She also sings a terrific rendition of "Happy Birthday" as we prepare her for her 2nd birthday, coming up next weekend. When we say "how old are you going to be?", she very quickly responds: "2 minutes!!". Not sure where the minutes thing came from, but it makes me laugh every time!!

Lady M is full of spunk and entertainment lately, and there's never a dull moment when she's around. Sure, we're entering the land of mild tantrums, and getting her into her carseat when she stretches herself straight as an arrow can be a challenge, but all the fun stuff more than makes up for it. And the singing completely melts my heart every time she breaks into song.

She's also at the stage where she's just piecing life together, and making her comments about what she sees, hears and feels. My favourite comment of the week went like this:

(Lady M & I were walking out the front door the other morning, to a very hazy day)
Me: Wow, it sure is foggy this morning!
Lady M: Ribbit, ribbit.

Made me laugh all day long...


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss (not) those stretched out in the car seat moments. She sounds hilarious. Definitely time to send her on the train across Canada - we'll pick her up at the ferries. p.s. I'm still trying to figure out how to return the award, but wordpress is sort of tricky about adding links. xo me

Anonymous said...

Little Lady M is absolutely delightful! Haven't heard her break into song yet, but look forward to it.


Faiza said...

ribbit ribbit! LOL! so funny!

Happy two minutes Maddy!

Krin said...

Haha! This morning she told me her carseat was too cold, and put herself completely straight...after warming it up with my hand, she sat properly. She's a character...that's for sure!

Thanks for offering to get her at the ferries cuz...perhaps we'll look into that! haha.

RR...come visit soon and we'll have her sing for you for sure!!

FZK...Lady M says "thanks!"

Katie said...

My gosh, that made me laugh out loud. Cute!

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