July 30, 2010


I think every mum has ideas in her head about what she will and won't let her children do. Some people pierce their baby's ears at a young age, others wouldn't dream of it. So when I took my munchkin for her first haircut at one year and they asked if I wanted her nails painted I quickly said 'no'. You see, I just didn't think that my sweet little baby needed painted nails.

The next few haircuts were the same story:

Stylist: Would you like her nails painted?
Me: No, thank you. (Thinking to self: "not a chance"!)
Stylist: Would you like a balloon for her?
Me: Sure, thanks!

So, I pass on the nail polish, she gets the balloon and her nails stay untouched.

However, a couple weeks ago I got a mani/pedi, and when I came home my little girl was completely fascinated by the pretty paint, and even more so by the cute white flowers painted on my purple toes. Seeing her excitement, my hubby said "when do you think its ok to paint her nails"? I responded with: "I really don't know!"

I guess my 20 months of collected motherly wisdom (!) made me believe I would just instinctually know when the time was right.

So, tonight I took her in for a haircut and when the stylist said "would you like her nails painted?" I said "sure!" without much hesitation at all. My little sweetie sat up on my lap, plunked her right hand down on the table and sat more still than a seasoned salon-goer who has this done every week. By the time her 4th nail was being painted, her left hand was gently placed beside the right awaiting her second hand of polished nails.

We left with a sweet haircut, cute pink nails, and one very happy little girl. I guess the time was just right.

No pierced ears quite yet though.


Trish said...

Oh my goodness... too cute!!! LOVE IT!

Faiza said...

Ha! As I was reading this I was wondering about pierced ears. Looking forward to that day too.

Ali said...

How old were you when you got your ears peirced? I was 10 - a month shy of my 11th birthday... and since I had to wait that long, both girls have to wait that long too -lol!

Love that M is into polish, Q is too, but only for four minutes, then she starts chewing off all my hard work - yuck. We're tempting fate again at her uncle's wedding... but only b/c she really wants polish. I have the nail polish remover on stand-by.

Krin said...

I was 6 when I got my ears pierced...I remember being so excited at the time!! And its funny, because I feel like that's the right age for my little one too, simply because it's when I had them done.

My philosophy is when she can ask to have it done, she's ready. (Although I might regret that when she's about Q's age!) Thankfully, seeing as I haven't stenciled it in her room or anything, we should be safe to wait until 6!

Best of luck with Q's nails at the wedding...I can't wait to see pictures (and will totally be checking out her nails in them!!)

tracy said...

That is so so sweet! My baby girl loves to be all girly too. My older girls were 4 and 6 when they got their ears pierced.