July 26, 2010

a little pink room

My sweet baby girl is not quite a baby anymore. In fact, she's rapidly approaching the tender age of two, speaking in full sentences, clearly telling us everything she wants (and doesn't want), and participating in activities in a whole new way. I am loving this stage, and enjoying all the things she has to offer.

However, this growing process comes with some changes too; the one we're facing right now is transitioning from her nursery to her "big girl" room. Hard to believe we're already at this point. When I was pregnant with her, we didn't know what gender she was going to be, so the nursery is a lovely sage green colour, with clean, black furniture. However, now that we have our little girl, its time for an all-girl room! She's moving into a different bedroom, where the walls are already a sandy brown colour, so naturally, her room will now be pink & brown! So far we have nice, new white furniture, and a pink and white bedspread, so we're part-way there. Next up, i have several crafty projects I want to complete to finish decorating the room and tie it all together.

Here's what it looks like so far:

Its still rather stark, so with a little love and a lot of pink, this room will be complete in no time. I'll keep you up to date with all my projects once they're underway. (Hopefully over the next couple weeks!) Stay tuned...


Faiza said...

She obviously loves this room as was witnessed tonight ;)

What an absolute joy she is!

Trish said...

Adorable! Can't wait to see the projects! :)