July 30, 2011

roughin' it

There comes a time in everyone's life where you just can't help it. You just won't make it in time. You just have to do it right now. There's no other choice. 

Well, the other choice is having a very wet carseat. 

The other night, after a nice dinner out, and perhaps a little too much fluid at the dinner table, Lady M could not hold it any longer on the drive home, so like any good parents we contemplated our options: 
  • suggest she hold it until we got home, risking the wet carseat
  • find the nearest public restroom as quickly as possible
  • or, the inevitable...
That's right; we pulled over to the side of the road, and let our baby girl pee in the grass. I always thought her first moment of roughin' it would be on her first canoe trip, or while experiencing some fabulous outdoor adventure. But no, it was on the local expressway, a mere five minutes from our home, with cars zipping by. No cottage scenery or waterlilies dancing along the water here...just a patch of grass, my little lady, and me holding her up. 
The best part of the whole experience was how fabulous Lady M thought the scenario was. Quickly going from grave concern, and a stern face as she tried desperately tried to hold it in the car, to realizing I was actually letting her squat in the grass to empty her bladder made her light up like a Christmas tree - she was thrilled! She started giggling, I started giggling, and Cal was laughing right along with us from the driver's seat. (Lady A was fast asleep in the back, blissfully ignorant to what was happening). 

So, it was no canoe trip, but my little lady's first experience of roughin' it was memorable. In fact, the next day when we were heading somewhere in the car she told me she didn't have to go to the bathroom beforehand. Thankfully, I knew her plan...but there would be no expressway pit stops that day. 


Kirsten said...

Yeah... Kaycie's first time "roughing it" was behind a car wash. LOL I wish it was camping too, but alas... no. Now she always wants to pee in the grass!

Katie said...

Hahahahaha! That's awesome, Krin. Make sure you tell her that story when she's older. :-)

Krin said...

Hahaha - I love it KK!

And I will DEFINITELY tell her the story when she gets bigger Katie...in fact, I'll just let her read the whole blog to see what stories I've shared! ;)