May 9, 2012

birthday girl

My littlest pumpkin is one. Seriously, how is that possible? I remember the first year of Lady M’s life going by in a blink, and now Lady A’s has too. I’m the mum of a 3 ½ year old, and a 1 year old. Wow.
I suppose I could have lamented on the fact that the time passed by so quickly, but instead we decided to party! We had a large party for Lady M when she turned one, and decided to do the same for little Lady A. We struggled over where we should have it, trying to ensure we had something for both kids and grown-ups to enjoy, and ended up settling on renting a room at our local rec centre.
We set up a baby area, kids colouring station, game table, food and sweets tables, and it seemed to do the trick. I tried to harness my inner Martha Stewart (sans fraud), and decided to get a little crafty. A friend from work lent me her cake pop maker, and I spent about 4 hours making about six dozen of these fussy, yet trendy, little things, decorating them with a variety of sprinkles and brightly coloured nonpareils. Along with some homemade tissue paper decorations, pictures of the birthday girl, and anything else that was themed in hot pink and lime green, we brought a little beige rec room to life. 

But, truth be told, it wasn’t the decorations that brought it to life; it was all the kids. So many sweet little faces around the room, playing, chatting, eating, and smiling. I commented to Cal that there were a lot more kids to invite this time than there were back when Lady M turned one. Lots of friends have had children since then, and seeing them altogether was a blast.
Lady A turned on her charm, eating like a champ, smiling, giggling, and picking up her paper plate to lick the icing off it once she had finished her piece of cake. Priceless.

Lady M was more than happy to jump right in, and assist with the present opening, and of course, was willing to test them all out when we returned home. Such a good big sister she is!
The likelihood of Lady A remembering her special day is quite slim, but I know I’ll remember the bright little faces around the room, and the feeling of happiness that came along with it.

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