January 26, 2012

the singing palaeontologist & the dancing surgeon

Do you ever think about what your kids are going to be when they grow up? Me too.

Naturally, the girls will change their mind about what they want to 'be' several times over in their lifetime, but I think its fun to speculate which profession they might choose based on who they are now.

If I had to choose Lady M's career right now, my guess would be a singing palaeontologist. Not the dull kind, a la Ross on Friends, but a lively little lady, digging up dinosaur bones, sharing her discoveries with people around the world, and all the while singing a cute little song about what she is doing. She is completely fascinated by dinosaurs right now...she has five different dinos that she carries around with her, a great dinosaur craft book, and cannot get enough of the PBS show Dinosaur Train. Her vocabulary is growing tenfold each time she watches the show, and now likes to reference the Cretaceous period, dinosaur plates and horns, and carnivores in a regular conversation. The other day, she even saw a picture of a frog, and said "look mum, a frog! I mean, a palaeobatrachus", and the word rolled off her tongue. Sometimes I really wonder if she's only three...

Lady A on the other hand, is perhaps a little more difficult to predict a future career for at less than 9 months old, but my guess is that she'll do something with her hands. As I mentioned, in a previous post, she is constantly clawing at me, and keeping very busy with her hands, exploring everything she sees. Not uncommon for a baby, of course, but my thought for now is that perhaps she'll follow in her great-grandfather's footsteps and become a surgeon. However, Lady A also has quite the dancing gene and loves to 'boogie' on command...or any other time the feeling strikes. So, naturally, I think she'll add a little  creative flair to the operating room, and find a way to dance through each procedure she completes. 
Realistically, I have no idea what the girls will be when they hit adulthood. I just hope they'll happy with whatever they choose. If you ask Lady M what she's going to be when she grows up, she responds with "I'm going to be a grown up!". So for now I'll speculate, and just let them enjoying being little. 

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